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Kirsty Walter

Kirsty is currently studying Italian and Spanish for a BA Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham University where her interests and pastimes vary immeasurably, undertaking music, sport and anything else she can be actively involved in. Her interest in journalism developed swiftly during her secondary school years and has led to her devoting much time to reading and watching news and, more recently, asserting herself in other forms of media, such as student radio. Her degree is helping her to realise the importance of recognising and appreciating differences in culture in the modern world and she is looking forward to the incredible experience of a year abroad next year, considering it the perfect opportunity to gain further understanding of other cultures.

The debate seems to be ever-heightening, a referendum possible, but what are the pros to Britain keeping its EU membership ?

22 octobre 2013

The Commission launches the 40% challenge

22 février 2013

The 16th century : the Spanish conquest provides 250 000 Spaniards with the chance to migrate to Latin America in search of the promises of the ‘New World’. The 21st century : the opposite occurs, (...)

15 décembre 2012

The President of the European Commission gave an address on the State of the European Union on 12th September

5 novembre 2012

The first of July saw Cyprus’ presidency of the EU Council officially begin. There were both positive remarks and criticism for the Danish presidency as it came to an end. On Tuesday 3rd July the (...)

28 juillet 2012

‘The youth are the future’ may sound like a cliché but how long can we deny that it is the truth ?

14 juin 2012

“DRY and the events of 15th May 2011 have signalled a turning point”

27 mai 2012

Europe implements the “Drug prevention and information” programme to combat the abuse of illegal substances.

4 avril 2012 2

The actions of the Conservative Party’s treasurer may have been described as ‘bluster’, but the outcry that has resulted after The Sunday Times’ revelation last weekend perhaps indicates that the (...)

1er avril 2012

Every week in the Cuban capital ‘las Damas de Blanco’ show their solidarity for those who have peacefully fought for liberty in their country. Last weekend, however, the admirable group of women (...)

23 mars 2012

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