Inform and involve: the rallying cry of the May 2014 MEP elections  
by Claudio PIETROTTI - 30 November 2013

As the Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit approaches, the only thing standing between Ukraine and the much-coveted association agreement with the EU seems to be the resolution of the lingering (...)
by David Stoker - 12 November 2013

The debate seems to be ever-heightening, a referendum possible, but what are the pros to Britain keeping its EU membership?
by Kirsty Walter - 22 October 2013

Minister controversially claims that Roma do not want to integrate into French society.
by David Stoker - 8 October 2013

Europe is being pulled in different directions....but is fragmentation such a bad thing?
by Maha GANEM - 6 July 2013

Is the EU being fair to Ukraine as it tries to join the European team?
by David Stoker - 30 June 2013

The biggest deal ever made by the European Union with another country
by Andrea VOTA - 26 May 2013

Marta Castellani is finding that it isn’t as easy as it looks. But she’s not giving up.
by Marta CASTELLANI - 6 May 2013

How will the EU’s humanitarian aid funds be spent in 2013?
by Manuel MALIGNO - 21 April 2013

What role in the EU for an independent Scotland?
by Alex JOHNSON - 9 March 2013

Regionalism has been gaining ground for some time in Europe. Perhaps the current crisis is partly to blame–but it’s not as simple as that.
by Antoine Bargas - 3 March 2013

The Commission launches the 40% challenge
by Rossana QUARATO - 22 February 2013

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Does the United Kingdom belong in the European Union?

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by Donya Feki, Maha GANEM
When former Commissioners go for private sector

There is a life after working for the European Commission. Large companies and public affairs firm lust for former Commissioners expertise and contacts

The not so United Kingdom

A referendum on Scottish independence is proposed for 2014. But how would a split affect the UK and its relationship with Europe?

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